Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3 Small Habits That Cause Belly Fat

eating to fast will cause belly fat
Excess fat is the cause of the stomach becomes distended. And the belly fat is one of the most difficult fat removed. Sometimes we've been on a diet and have done sports, but fat doesn't go away. Perhaps the cause is diet or exercise you are doing less precise. You've avoid foods that contain lots of fat and sugar. However, we often does not realize that there is little habits we often do that can cause belly fat. And maybe, this little habits might have done for a long time or even from childhood. Here are 3 small habits that can cause belly fat.

Eating too fast
There are already a lot of research done to find the relationship between eating too quickly with the risk of obesity. The majority of the study said that, it takes about 20 minutes after starting a meal, in order to the brain give a signal that the stomach is full, and make us stop eating. If we eat too quickly, of course, we will put more amount of food within 20 minutes of it.
We also need to know, that when we chew food in the mouth, digestive process occurs mechanically, and the chemical digestion occurs in the stomach. Eating too fast will make the process of mechanical digestion to be imperfect, so that food enters the stomach becomes not easily digested. The foods are difficult to digest will be potential to be stored as fat in the abdomen.
Chewing too fast also can make the air enter the stomach for more, and make our stomach bloating.

Body stooped
There are many people who having body stooped, just because of their habit. Walking bent, sat hunched, even when riding a motorcycle was also bent body. I was also have a habit of body bending, and is currently still in the process to address them. When our body is bent, the diaphragm muscles will be loosened, and our stomach will look loose and sagged. Why can it cause belly fat?
When the body goes straight, the muscles of the abdomen and around the waist will contract, and it will increase your metabolism, because the muscles are tightened. If we bend, then your metabolism will be uneven. That is why, if we're exercising, especially when weight training, our posture should be upright.

Skipping the breakfast time
Many people who have a diet program by reduce food portions. Many of them who skip their breakfast time. Intensive activity also sometimes make us skip breakfast. No breakfast will only make you overeat during the day, and make us eat anything as long as it makes us full. If you are a morning person, we would need energy to carry out our activities in the morning. If we lack nutrients, especially protein, the body will break down the protein in muscle, and this could certainly reduce your muscle tone, and makes the body loose. 

So, is there any of them that become your habits? or even all three? If so, I hope you fix it soon. Keep healthy :)


  1. What about aging? Doesn't that have a bit to do with it too.

    All good tips though. I'll remember these.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. What do you mean about Body Stooped?
      Actually it all depends on the physical exercise we do. When we get older, in normal conditions (when we were not attacked by the disease), only stamina and the function of organs that might be reduced.

      Weight training is one solution. Weight training can be done by old age, perhaps even mandatory. The difference is the load level that you lift, may not be the same as when you were young.
      Weight training will strengthens the bones, joints, and muscles. It will also improve posture as we grow older.

      Keep Healthy, Mrs Sandee :)

  2. I have never known that eating fast can make us fat....

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