Monday, November 26, 2012

Don't Be Afraid To Do Weight Training, Ladies!

Woman do a weight training with dumbell
Women go to the gym? Certainly it was not a stranger anymore. Currently, many women who want to change their pattern of life to be more healthy. The desire to lose weight and burn body fat makes a woman must learn about diet and how to do a right exercise. In the community, especially women, there are a lot of wrong perception in the diet, and I have often explained in my previous articles. But apparently, there are some misperceptions experienced by women in exercise, which led to their weight loss programs fail.

Fear of having big muscles.

Apparently a lot of women are afraid to do weight training on the grounds they are afraid, if their bodies would later be stocky and muscular. Ladies, the reality is a hormone that is owned by women, in contrast to the hormone that is owned by men. Men have testosterone, while women have estrogen and progesterone. The hormone that causes the muscles to be great is the hormone testosterone. Women are also have testosterone, but the amount of testosterone of a woman 10 times smaller than the male. Moreover, the body of a woman on the other hand only spend about 1/100 of the amount of hormone secreted by the male. So you will not have stocky bodies, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, unless you use steroids.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Fear of loss of femininity.

The opinions about weight training will make a big muscle, also later led to the perception if the woman doing weight training, then they will miss his feminine side. Because there are people who say that women is identical with a tenderness, so if they likes to lift weights, then they will lose their tenderness.
I just looked, that the women who do weight training properly, will further support their femininity. Because of their body shape will be more presentable, it will make them look right when wearing any type of clothing.
Some people also argue, weight training will shrink women's breasts. Of course this is just a myth. Because reality, weight training will make "their treasure" become more dense, containing, and uplifted. Obviously this will make it look more beautiful.

Just training the only certain body parts.

One more error that occurred in the perception of weight training, which is just training certain body parts only. Actually it's also going on not only by women, but women are more likely to do so. In women usually will tend accumulate the fat in the waist and abdomen, and they don't care about the other parts. So many women who exercise focuses only on certain parts only. It's less true, because we have to train all body parts ranging from the upper body, the middle and the bottom. All should get its share of each, especially the upper body. So don't ever say "I just want to tighten my thighs only, so i don't need the chest exercises", because this opinion is WRONG.
woman muscle

There are so many benefits, when women put the weight training on their exercise program list. Weight training will prevent you from osteoporosis when you are entering the menopause. The weight training will improve your posture, strengthen the heart, and of course will make you more confident. What is clear, if you want your weight loss program successful, proper diet and also do weight training. So Ladies, are you still afraid to do weight training? :)


  1. I'm not afraid and I've got my own set of weights. I use them too. I'm not afraid of having muscles one bit.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. It was nice. For indeed, women wouldn't have muscles like men, so don't be afraid to do weight training.

      keep sporty :)

  2. This z true? Most female are always afraid of doing exercises. Hope they read this and drop their negative thoughts abt exercise

    1. Yeah, like that's the reality. I hope so, Sanusi. Maybe you can explain this thing to your female friends who have a misconception.

      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. I have over weighted and want to get rid of my fats. Please tell me, how I can loss my weight? I have much fear of femininity.

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