Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why We Feel Hungry?

people feel hungry
Hunger is a reasonable thing experienced by many people. When we feel hungry, then we solve it by eating, unless a baby, if they are hungry, they will cry, hehehe. But have you ever wondered, why do we get hungry? What really happened in our stomach? In general there are 3 things that cause us to feel hungry.

1. Supplies blood sugar stored in the liver thinning.
This will give a signal to the body that energy supplies began to run out, and the body is considered as a signal of danger. Normally, this condition we experience when we feel hungry accompanied by dizziness, although not everyone will experience dizziness when they run out of blood sugar. If we have this condition, it can be overcome by eating something sweet, for example is candy. Sweet candy that has a high sugar content and quickly absorbed, so it will quickly eliminate hunger. However, this will only have a short term effect. Avoid eating chocolate while experiencing this condition, including chocolate candy, because chocolate has caffeine that is not good for those of you who have a sensitive stomach when hungry. However, make the candy as the last alternative, if you have not had the opportunity to eat with a full nutrition.

2. Our stomach is empty.
If when we eat, we only consume foods that contain rapidly absorbed carbohydrates, then the stomach will be empty fast, so we also quickly feel hungry. Carbohydrates are more rapidly absorbed than fat and protein. 100 calories carbohydrates are more rapidly depleted than 100 calories of protein or fat if consumed at the same time. Therefore, consuming simple carbohydrates will make you hungry faster than complex carbs. So, choose the foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in protein in your breakfast and diet, but do not forget the fat, as long as you consume good fat (monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat).

3. Stimuli from the outside
The meaning of stimuli from the outside is like when you smell the aroma of delicious food. However, things like this are the creators of emotional hunger, and not the cause of physiologically hungry. And in contrast to emotional eating, because the one who suffered emotional eating will keep eating even though she was in a state of satiety. Maybe you should immediately shut down your nose if you do not want to be tempted, hehehe.

And one more question, why when we are hungry sometimes the stomach make noises? This is because the empty stomach and intestines are constantly moving, making the existing air will be pushed in any direction. And making sounds in the stomach when you're hungry. Therefore, immediately eat when you feel hungry, of course eating with a good nutrition. And it would be better if you stop eating before you feel too full.


  1. I eat three times a day and that works for me. I'm rarely hungry either. So I must be doing it right.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. It would be better if you add a healthy snack between your big meal, such as fruit like apple. So in a day you eat 5 times : 3 times big meals and 2 times snacking.

      keep healthy :)

  2. thanks for share...

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