Monday, November 5, 2012

The Art of Practicing Yoga

The art of practicing yoga
It's already few weeks I studied yoga with a purpose as a replacement if I get bored of practicing cardio. I am self-taught in learning yoga practice, and  i'm not using yoga instructor or joining a yoga studio. I just rely on books that I bought, which contains guidelines yoga movements. The first time I practiced yoga, it is quite difficult to practice the movements at the advanced level, but after a few weeks of this, a lot of the benefits that I felt, even more than the physical effects. It was indeed as if i'd been doing a meditation. This is what motivated me to seek more information about yoga.

Yoga, so far i think only as one of the sports movement alone, but it turned out is more than just physical exercise. Physical exercise is only a small part of yoga itself. Yoga is derived from the word YUJ (Sanskrit), which means a single unit (to unite, to joint or to connect). Which means that yoga is an activity in which a person focuses his whole mind to control; concentrate; regulate the senses and the body as a whole. Yuj is to focus your mind or equal with meditation, with the aim to center one's thought, to concentrate oneself or to meditate deeply.

Yoga originated from India more than 3000 BC ago. And yoga is synonymous with Hinduism and Buddhism. There was even a conflict in other religions due to differing views on yoga, and there are religious sects that forbid the practice of yoga. In terms of spiritual, it is quite difficult to study yoga in an instant of time, and I prefer to learn yoga with a priority as physical exercise.

There are nine yoga flow that so far I'm concerned, namely: Jnana yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, yantra yoga, tantric yoga, mantra yoga, kundailini yoga, hatha yoga, and raja yoga. And the most often used as a general physical training in public is "Hatha Yoga". This stream focuses on techniques asana (postures), pranayama (breath though), bandha (locks), mudras (gestures), and deep relaxation. Hatha goal is to maintain body balance alarm with five principles of yoga practice (practiced regularly, breathe deep, well-balanced diet, adequate rest, positive thinking and meditation).

Yoga is the art of exercising is smooth and not rushed. The exercise that combines mind, breathing and physical strength has a lot of asana postures that connote different. Asana or posture settings, provides a lot of benefits including flexibility for muscle, bone and ligament strength, and balance hormones. There are around 840,000 asanas in yoga, and there are many options that can be used by everyone from children to seniors. So, the practice of yoga can be done by all ages.

Practicing yoga also means training your concentration. Because the asanas will make us aware of every part of the body, so our thought would focus on the conditions at that time. This is the same as when we do meditation. When we only focus on ourselves right now (while doing yoga), then we will throw our problems in the past, and the other thoughts. And it's also what makes yoga can relieve stress.

People doing yoga called Yogi. For you are a beginner who wants to try to practice yoga, I suggest using a yoga instructor. Because this exercise also has many risks if performed incorrectly. Besides the issue of physical injury, incorrectly movement  can also be harmful to the brain. Yoga exercises properly will provide tremendous benefits for your body, in addition to physical health, yoga will relieve you from stress and improve your concentration.


  1. I would probably hurt myself if I tried to do some of these moves. They are very good at keeping you in shape though.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. Yeah, you're right, Mrs. Sandee. It's just a matter of habit. We should be patient and remain calm in practicing yoga.

  2. Hi, Laurentius. I just foun your blog and I really like it. At this moment I'm slowly going chemical free, adopting healthier lifestyle and just wondering around, thinking what could be better.
    It's nice to read someone's story that goes about it in a way that's relatable.

    I'm trying to get used to yoga at this moment. Just to replace my weights and take in more body twisting and turning. But my body doesn't like it very much at the moment.

    nevertheless, good read!

    1. Hi Kat. Thank you very much.
      I am very pleased with your intention to start a healthier life, and I certainly support you. Patience is the key.
      Yoga is a fun and meaningful. Although this exercise seems just a silent movement, but Yoga has benefits such as cardio.

      Keep reading and Keep Healthy. :)

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