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What is cardio exercise?

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In my article "My preparation before starting a diet program", I mentioned the word cardio. So, what is cardio exercise?. Perhaps for those of you who are familiar with fitness world, already know what it is cardio. But for the layman, the term is a little unfamiliar. At first i did not know what it is cardio, I guess this is an expensive sport, it turns out, cardio is the least expensive sport. hehehe :)

Cardio is derived from the Cardiovascular. Cardiovascular System is the way of working in which the heart pumps blood, continue to let the blood flow throughout the body. So, cardio exercise is exercise that increases heart rate and involves the whole body to move, the exercise that involves all the muscles of the body to move.

So, what is the examples of cardio exercise?? in fact we are already very familiar with cardio activity. There are many examples of cardio exercise, but the most popular are jogging, running, walking, cycling, swimming, and aerobic exercise.
examples of cardio

What are the benefits we can get from cardio exercise?.
  • Train our heart to make it more powerful. this will keep us from heart attack suddenly. Since the heart rate increases, the metabolic process becomes more smoothly.
  • Strengthens the lungs. With cardio training, we will also organize breathing practice, practice to regulate the amount of oxygen in and out.
  • Blood circulation. Therefore, cardio training, very good for relieving stress, because the blood circulation and stimulates the hormones that cause feelings of pleasure. Cardio can also accelerate recovery of cells, for wasting lactic acid (the acid that causes muscle fatigue). If you suffer from sleep disorders, cardio exercise also has the effect of improving the quality of your sleep.
  • Cardio is a sport that prioritize fat as energy. It is therefore an excellent cardio exercise done in the morning, after you wake up, and before you breakfast. If you want to lose weight, reduce your intake of carbohydrates before going to sleep at night, and then do practice of cardio in the morning.
And there are many more benefits of cardio training for health. We must do cardio exercise regularly to get the best results, at least 3 x 20 minutes in one week. Increase the intensity of your cardio from time to time, if you already familiar with your current intensity exercise. Do not impose heavy exercise if you first do the cardio, so that the heart was not surprised. And in order to avoid boredom in doing cardio, you can change the type of cardio exercise each week or as you wish.

So, whether you are still asking "what is cardio exercise"??? :)


  1. The cardio exercise main motto is to increase blood flow to heart, it is even possible through L-Arginine

    1. Yes it's very true, Stephen. Therefore, cardio is very good to train our heart. Thank you for your offer. :)

      Thanks for stopping by, and Good luck.

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