Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The New (Table of Nutrition) Page

Finally a new page "Table of Nutrition" has been completed by the author. Honestly, to make it quite tiring. It takes precision and patience. From managing the CSS layout of the table, until ensure that the information not be swapped or incorrect data. Authors must check one by one, quite tiring because of more than 200 entries. But there are positive aspects as well, because the author became more familiar with the nutrients of foods. And because of the author's love to the reader. ;)

Just like the title, "Table of Nutrition", this page contains the nutritional information of the foods that exist around us. The author makes this page so that readers can determine the nutrient content of foods that consumed, and as a reference in selecting nutritious foods. So we are much easier to adjust the dose of nutrients into our bodies. We are sorry if the data presentation, a little less tidy, maybe someday I'm going to set it back. You can use the "search facility" on your browser to find any data.

Yes, because this is just  an intermezzo article, maybe that's all the author wants to convey. Hopefully, the new page is useful to you, and be a part of your plan to live a healthier life. Thank you :)

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