Friday, September 14, 2012

My Preparation Before Starting A diet Program

My Diet Plan and Preparation
On this occasion I will describe my experience of preparation before starting a diet program. To implement a program of diet, it requires planning, if not, the diet will only torment our lives. Actually, before 2012, I have often planned to go on a diet, but it always fails at the middle of the program, because I feel it a restrictive sense, and would end with the word "FAIL!", :). Beginning in 2012 I began to feel the top of where my physical condition is not very good. I began to have the intention of actually starting to improve my health. Then I tried to learn and gather information about the diet, whether from the Internet, magazines, or ask with my friends. And after getting enough information, I finally begin preparation by the following steps:
  1. Starting to change my wrong perception about diet, as described in my previous article about Misconceptions About Diet, the diet can not be done quickly, and should be the pattern of everyday life. If we are overweight, we can not make our weight down 10 pounds with the practical. Do not assume that we run programs such as military service. Patience is the key.
  2. Never be ashamed reflected on out to your friends and family if you want to start living and healthy eating. Because then, instead they will support and assist you in your diet. Once they see the results of your diet program, it will motivate them to live like you.
  3. Began to abandon bad habits are detrimental to health. At that time I was trying hard to leave cigarettes and beer. It is quite heavy, because when hanging out with my friends, these 2 things often accompany. But finally I could leave a strong embroidery. Stay up too late at night is also a bad habit of mine at the time, even now, I sometimes still hard to leave. But I limit order before 11 o'clock at night I have to sleep, I can sleep at least seven hours per day.
  4. Fill out the fridge, larder, and my table with healthier foods, like vegetables and fruits. In order that we always looked healthy food, so we always remember about the program in which we live. But, replace your fruits and vegetables regularly, so as not to bore. Even now, when there is no fruit and vegetables, I feel something is missing my place. Addiction vegetables and fruit is better than addiction to cigarettes, isn't it? :)
  5. Set my eating schedule. As set our agenda, set an eating schedule is also critical to the success of the diet. We can write, once used, we no longer need to write it down. And for those of you who work in the office, you can bring their own lunch from home. 
  6. Make a photo of the body, before we go on a diet. That in the future, we can compare our physical changes. But even better, the physical form should not be used as the main reference in the diet. Because if our goals for health, physical form would be a bonus.
  7. If you are overweight or underweight, gather all the information about the data size to your body weight, waist circumference, chest circumference, neck circumference, and others. So that you can easily estimate your target to achieve an ideal weight.
  8. Rate the picture; computer wallpaper,mobile phone wallpaper or your poster, with pictures of people healthy or ideal or athletic stature. This will motivate you to have the same condition as they were.
  9. Bring water anywhere. Such as fruit and vegetables, water will remind you about health. Because water is a mandatory requirement to support our diet and healthy living. Drink 8-10 glasses per day.
  10. And the most important thing is exercise. Begin to expand our physical activity per day. would be better if we exercise regularly, Sports weights and cardio is the best exercise supporting our diet. But for the first step, starting with simple physical activities. Pick up the stairs instead of using elevators. if you just go to a place nearby, just ride a bike or walk
That's the first steps that I apply to my diet plan. What is clear, solidified your intentions, make healthy lifestyle is not just a moment activities. Not only are people overweight or underweight that require diet, everyone needs a diet to maintain health. Hopefully useful. :)


  1. I agree with this! Ultimately, a proper mindset is all you need to have to successfully execute your diet plans. Don’t just start a diet for the sake of losing weight; instead, start a diet to live a healthy lifestyle. :]

    1. Yeah, the greatest enemy of those who want to go on a diet is their own mindset. Many of us often have a misconception. So it is very important for us to know the correct theory for a successful diet.

      Thanks for stopping by, Anna. :)

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