Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Falling In Love and Health

the relationship between falling in love and health
Almost any adult ever fall in love. A feeling that can change our behavior magically. People who are in love often perform actions that are not reasonable. There's even a term "mad love", because often times people who are in love it does look like a crazy person, such as a smile or like daydreaming. However, do you know?, If love has many good effects for health? Here I describe the relationship between falling in love and health from my personal observations and my experiences (hehehe).
  • When falling in love, we like having more passion and energy into many times, especially when we will meet with our spouse. When falling in love, your body will produce adrenaline substances and causes the heart to beat faster, especially when we were near our partner, face to face, or physical contact.
  • Falling in love will spur our brain to produce a lot of dopamine, a hormone that causes a feeling of happiness, calm, and optimistic. It is very useful for health, as it will spur us smile more often and quickly relieve stress. In addition to dopamine, there are also chemical endorphins are produced when falling in love, prompting the emergence of a sense of joy. And it will spur to produce oxytocin, which is required for the release of DHEA, a hormone that increases anti-aging skin rejuvenation and body cells. So remember, a lot of smiles will make us look younger.
  • With fall in love, it will also nourish and educate the brain. In this case, the phrase "fool because of love" to be incorrect. Researchers at the University of Pavia found that falling in love can increase the levels of hormones that help improve memory and brain cell growth. When falling in love, we will always think about the strategy to look perfect when you meet a couple, and it is highly train your intelligence.
  • Falling in love makes us do not overeat. This will be useful in the process of weight loss. Our appetite seemed to be automatically limited, because we are more concerned with our partner rather than thinking about food. Falling in love can spur us to live healthier, we become more concerned with our physical appearance.
  • And if we pay more attention to our physical appearance, it will make our body more clean. Due to fall in love, we will be more diligent in taking care of themselves, be more diligent bathing and cleansing the body. Of course you do not want to look dirty and smell bad, don't you??
Those are some of my examples of the relationship between falling in love and health. For that for those of you who already have a partner, husband or wife, always keep your harmony, Keep always your love, although it has existed so long. And for those of you who have not found a partner ,immediately went to look for and pursue your love. Keep spirit :)


  1. I agree with your assessment. Falling in love is awesome.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. thank you Sandee, it's always make us happy :)

      Have a terrific day too..

  2. hmmm, I want to find love, whom I can always laugh, hihihi

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