Saturday, September 22, 2012

Being Healthy is Not Enough Just By Praying

people praying for his healthy
Hopefully long life, is a common prayer being said when people celebrate birthday. Yes, everyone is looking forward to a healthy life for a long time, until we have a lot of grandchildren. But in my opinion, healthy lifestyle can not only be achieved just by praying. Life is indeed only to God, and health is a gift from Him. Clearly, health is something that we must guard through concrete actions. Indeed, one day we would have been called by God. But as I wrote in my first article, that the health is our precious treasure. A gift that should be treated well.

Health is like money, even more valuable. To get the money, we need to work, as well as health, must also work to get it. Is the money will come naturally if we just keep quiet in the room, and just prayed, "Lord I want to be rich"??. Likewise with health, can not come by itself. To get our money is often faced with the risk of losing. Likewise, to achieve health, There are also many difficulties and challenges that must be faced. Something that we should pray is, in order to our ways be smooth, the way to achieve health. Not that health can come into its own.

In this life, we have a lot of risk for death. In my opinion, there are 2 things, the risks from outside of us and within us. Examples of external risks such as traffic accidents, robbed, poisoned by man, was shot by criminals, struck by lightning, or other possibilities. As for the risk of in ourselves, is caused by our own actions, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, renal failure, or lung disease. The disease appears, because we could not keep our own health. Here we can actually do to avoid the risk from within, is to maintain the health of ourselves. At a minimum, we can reduce one of the many risks.

I once said that health is our most precious wealth, more precious than gold or diamonds. If for to get the diamonds that we must work, moreover for health. But we must be thankful that God actually provides the means for us to be able to maintain our health. The ways that we can do easily, but we often do not notice it. Instead we often make it worse. Remember, being healthy is a choice, have to do with action, and not enough to pray alone.


  1. you answered my kids earning money question and I thought it
    was hillarious!
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    1. I just gave a parables. that to maintain the health of it takes effort.
      But it's your right to think as a cuteness.
      thanks for your comment. :)


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