Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Step : Reduce Sugar and Salt

Sugar and Salt
Sugar and Salt
Reducing sugar and salt is the first step that I take in healthy lifestyle. Perhaps it will be very tough, because almost every food around us contain a lot of sugar and salt. I am a fan of eating salty and soft drink.
But if we can limit their consumption when old age, is likely to be protected from dangerous diseases like stroke, hypertension. and diabetes. instead we did not consume at all, but only restrict and minimize it, because our body also needs sugar and salt.

So, how much should we consume sugar and salt??

Basically, the amount of sugar that can be consumed each day depending on the number of calories that enter the body. But the best estimate is 70 g for men and 50 g for women to normal conditions. Avoid eating refined products, instant food and beverages, softdrink such as soda, because usually these foods contain a very high glucose content. White rice, in addition to not just  contain simple carbohydrates, it also contain high glucose. So what foods contain good sugar? Fruit contains natural sugar called fructose. Therefore to get a good sugar content, the better we eat lots of fruits only, because it also contains a lot of vitamins and fiber. The people were able to limit the consumption of sugar will look younger and avoid fat in the abdomen, which obviously avoid the risk of diabetes. Like my previous article, it is better to replace high-sugar beverages with drinking water.
Sugar also reduces the efficacy of tea and coffee, so it would be better if you eat unsweetened coffee and tea, in order to obtain maximum benefits. As well, with fruit juice, do not use excessive added sugar, let the natural sweetness of the fruit gives freshness to your juice.

Instant meals and junk food also contains a lot of salt, in addition to containing a lot of sugar. Sodium in salt can increase the risk of hypertension.If you are experiencing symptoms of headache and dizziness, blurred vision, palpitations and shortness of breath, you should immediately reduce the consumption of salt, because it could be a symptom of hypertension.
But we also do not leave the salt at all, because the shortage of salt will also cause respiratory problems, dehydration and low blood pressure. Consuming salt containing iodine will prevent mumps. Sea salt and natural salt in large typically have levels of sodium, chlorine, magnesium, and potassium is higher.
Actually there are few substitutes to replace salt as a flavoring in cooking, such as seaweed, lemon or lime juice, tomato sauce, onion and garlic. Its obvious, when you buy packaged foods, check the sodium content on the nutrition information. Salt is essential to add flavor to our food, but if there is another alternative salt substitutes, try to use it.

For me, reducing sugar and salt is much more difficult than it should be to stop smoking. Should be done with patience though only subtract 2 white powder, there are almost all uses sugar and salt. And begin to eat more frequent meals are boiled to produce a more natural sweetness.

But do not try to reduce and cease to be the salt and light of the world :)

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