Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Miracles Of a Smile

Angry and Smile
Smiling, something that very easy to do, something to express excitement. Meanwhile, anger is the opposite of joy, and only creates sorrow. However, if when our mood is not good, can we smile?? precisely it should be done. Have you ever heard the saying "face with a smile"??. Yes, anger is only going to give the disease to us and makes us get old. Meanwhile, a smile in addition to giving a sense of joy, it's making us more healthy and look young.

Smiles gives a magical effect on us and around us. People would rather see us with a smile rather than scowl and expression angry. Because people with a smile will create a peaceful atmosphere around it, so people will be happy to see him and automatically we can make friends more easily. Smile we give is also contagious, so if there are other people who are sad he will be comforted and easing his grief. When you're arguing because of the romance, face with a smile, try to make her/him laugh and give something funny to your partner. Then your partner would be easier to forgive you (That's the miracles of a smile that I often experienced). :)

When we're stressed thinking about a problem, then try to smile. Psychological scientist Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman of the University of Kansas examined the potential benefits of a smile by looking at different types of smiles, and awareness of the smile that could affect an individual's ability to recover from stress. As a result, studies have shown that smiling can actually affect the physical state. Compared to participants neutral facial expression, participants were instructed to smile, and especially those who smiled broadly appeared to have a lower heart rate after recovery from stress. These findings suggest that a brief smile during stress may help to reduce the intensity of the body's stress response, regardless of whether a person really feel happy. The study has been published in the journal Psychological Science.

Smiling helps the immune system to work better. And studies have shown can smile releases endorphins, compounds that can reduce pain naturally and serotonin. Smiles also provides a reduction in the value of blood pressure measured. Try to measure blood pressure while sitting at home, reading, and smiled for 1 minute and blood pressure back, you will see the difference. A smile is a very effective natural remedy, therefore people who are sick should be more of a laugh and feel happy to be a speedy recovery.

With a smile we will look much younger. I have a friend who is a lot older than me, he was already 42 years old, but his face looks like the age of 30 years. When I asked his secret, he simply replied, "You must often smiled and laughed, make your life always happy despite the sadness hit you, the point is smile, because smiling can make us think more positively". Especially with your photo, try to compare your photos when you smile with the photos when grim, you will look younger when you smile. Because when we smile, our facial muscles will be more flexible because it is often drawn up, so that our face will tighter. Unlike when we frown and grim, your facial muscles will drop and create a lot of wrinkles on the face.

So it all depends on your choice,are you want to be a smiling people with a lot of friends or to be a grumpy people?? Are you want to look younger or to look older??. Clearly,  let us smile more often and you will feel the miracles of a smile, for a healthier life in a simple way. :)


  1. that's true! laughter is mandatory if you want to live longer

  2. hahaha, just like your blogger picture profile. Yes, because smiling is healthy.

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