Monday, September 10, 2012

Health Is a Precious Treasure

For me, health is a precious treasure. Believe it or not, health is our wealth that is difficult to assess by cost and among the most expensive, probably it more expensive than luxury cars, luxury homes, gold, money or diamonds. A thing of inestimable value because it's a gift from God.

Surely no one wants to fall sick, all definitely want to get healthy, so anything would have been done to obtain healing when we are sick. Everyone wants, should and must to have it, that makes health is have a worth price . Pain is a condition in which cells, tissues or organs are not working properly, and not like a car or a vehicle that can be easily replaced if there are damaged component. Humans can not make the body organs just like the original manually, we simply duplicate existing cloning methods, that would still have a high ratio of difficulties. Instead of an organ, just make a leaf manually we can not turn. Yes, because it is all natural technology, algorithms, and knowledge that is only controlled by God.

Even though we are a wealthy man, our wealth could be wiped out if we suffering a serious illness that requires expensive treatments and continuously. For example, if your kidneys are damaged and are not functioning again, then we must replace it, to seek a donor must be difficult. And if there are a donor, we definitely have to buy / pay very expensive, unless if there is a good-hearted donors and voluntary. That's just one organ, whereas there are a million cells and tissues in our body . What about if you have complications and many organ to be repaired?? Will surrender be a way out??.

Clearly, our wealth does not mean if we live without health. Be thankful if you have a good health today. Because to get it back would be more difficult than we have to maintain and manage. For behold, to take care of it can be done in a way that looks simple but very profound impact. But although it looks simple, but it will be difficult if we do not make it a routine lifestyle, such as quitting smoking for smokers, reducing and replacing sugary drinks with mineral water, eat more vegetables and fruits and other good habits.

Indeed, the fact that sometimes we realize that our actions are not good for health, but we still do it on purpose. Because all habits must be changed little by little, it will be very difficult if we immediately changed all our bad habits, we need to make healthy habits as patterns of our daily lives, not just the action for one time only. If you do not want to lose that precious treasure, then let us begin to change our lifestyle for the better with the initial step's simple.

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