Thursday, September 13, 2012

Misconceptions About Diet

thinking about diets
There are so many misconceptions about diet. Many people who consider diet just to lose weight. I say unequivocally "NO!", Diet is not just about losing weight, but to balance and nourish our body needs. We do the diet  ​​to create weight or body condition controlled and balanced.

Worse yet, many people consider that a diet is to reduce the size of the meal or not eating at all. In fact, not eating will only make us sick and torturing our body organs. For people who use this theory in weight loss, our weight may be down for a short time, but after reaching a peak we will fall ill and our weight will go up again.

Get Ideal Body

People who are overweight obviously need a diet, but what about those who were underweight? People who have underweigth also have to control the nutrients to increase muscle mass, not just eating a lot. In the human body, in outline, which can increase or decrease the weight there are only two things, namely MUSCLE and FAT. You can increase or decrease your muscles and you can also add or reduce fat. In the lean, hard body to store fat.

Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are 3 of the most important components to affect your diet. Where the consumption of protein should be higher than carbohydrates and fats. Protein is needed for food and forming muscles, it's duty to replace the cells of our body are damaged. carbohydrates are also used as energy, as are also the fats are also needed by the body.

The average person needs 2000 calories per day, can be more or less depending on your activities. A healthy diet in general use benchmark; 15% of calories from protein, 30% calories from fat, 55% calories from carbohydrates. This diet is recommended the U.S. government.

                      diet chart

The body needs nutrition every 3-4 hours. For that, you just need to increase the intensity of your eating. The day can be 5 times, with 3 big meals and 2 snacks. Snacking conducted on the sidelines of a great meal. When you're eating, consider always the nutrients you eat, do not go overboard and eat properly. Eat meals and snacks that are high in protein and fiber clearly is recommended.
Caloric needs should be met, because the calories also need energy to be burned. So it is very important to know all the information about your body to determine the exact amount of nutrients in order to get a good diet and not arbitrary.

If you are an overweight, do not want the weight loss in a practical and fast. Better to start with adopting a healthy lifestyle and proper diet, it would be better if balanced with regular exercise. anyway, you must change your misconceptions about diet right now. 


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