Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why Your Diet Often Fail?

One more vent from my friend. I won't mention the name, but my friend was a woman. Her body was very fat, and a few weeks ago she told me that she wanted to lose weight, so she started her diet program. I didn't know about how the diet method she would do at that time. It would seem strange to me if all of a sudden I advised her about proper diet, while she didn't ask me. Although I'm pretty sure that she still had a mental block about a healthy diet. It turns out my guess is correct. After a few weeks, and there has not been one month, my friend said to me that her diet has failed. She said that her weight had dropped as much as 2 pounds, but later reverted to its original weight. Even she admitted that the diet was very painful.

failed diet

Previously I was once told her that a healthy diet is very enjoyable. Apparently, those words made ​​my friend interested in doing diet program. But she was in a hurry to do it, so she does not have enough knowledge. Until the end she thought as if the diet was excruciating, and she thought I have lied for saying that diet is fun. Apparently she didn't really understand the "Healthy Diet" term. Then, like a journalist, I started interviewing her.

Did you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day?
Yes i did, I meet my water. I drink 8 glasses of water per day, even up to 10 glasses. I have to reduce the consumption of soft drinks, and replace them with water.

"At this point, my friend has been doing pretty well. She has to meet her daily water needs."

Have you ever felt so hungry while dieting?
Of course, yes i have. Is not a diet indeed to reduce the size of the meal? So automatically we should try to resist hunger. I'd always try to hold my stomach pain. In fact sometimes I feel dizzy. I've been struggling with, right?

(Hahaha, I just laughed at my friend's reply. Because with a pride, she answered like that)
"A right healthy diet is not to make us miserable. We must not get very hungry, even more so to feel dizzy and weak. We must keep our stomach in order not to starve, but also not stuffed. When we are hungry for a long time, the body will break down protein from the muscles, and it will make your body become flabby. So, it will only make you look more fat, right?"

Did you not eat carbs?
I greatly reduced the consumption of carbohydrates. Therefore, I just ate a plate of white rice once a day.

"It's also less precise. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy of our body. We must meet the needs of carbohydrate according to the dose we needed. What we should consider in a healthy diet is the type of carbohydrates we eat. We should eat complex carbs, not simple carbs. White rice is a type of simple carbohydrates. While examples of complex carbohydrates are brown rice, wheat, oats, potato, etc."

Did you not eat fat?
Of course i did. Our goal is to run a diet program to burn fat, right? If i keep consuming fat, then my diet program will be in vain.

"True, our goal of dieting is to eliminate excess body fat. However, what we have to get rid of fat is a type of adverse, such as visceral fat in the abdomen. However, we still need the type of good fat. We should not eliminate fat consumption at all. What we must avoid is Saturated Fat and Trans Fat, while we should keep the consumption of monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. Examples of sources of good fats are: almonds, peanuts hazelnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, salmon, herring, and sardines."

Did you meet your protein needs?
Yeah, I heard that we need to consume more protein. I ate chicken and eggs as my protein source.

"It was a very good answer. You have to meet your protein needs. You need to know how much protein you need. Choose chicken on the chest part, and remove the fat and skin. Don't cook chicken and eggs by frying. But cook them by boiling. Sea fish such as tuna and salmon are examples of super protein."

Did you breakfast and dinner on time?
Sometimes. I mostly just have lunch. I very rarely have a breakfast. Dinner? I would not eat at night. It was a taboo for me, because dinner would make me even fatter.

"One more less precise knowledge that you have. Breakfast is a liability if you want to lose weight. Because from the breakfast we get the energy to start our activities in the morning, if not, then this will disrupt metabolic processes, and results in muscle protein breakdown. 
Dinner is also not necessarily make you fat. 3 hours before bedtime you should eat. Since we also need energy when we are sleeping. Sleep is the time when our body repair the damaged cell by using the protein source. Therefore, you have to eat dinner with high protein foods. Divide your portions into 3 meals and 2 snacks between meal times is an example of correctly eating schedule."

Did you often sleep late?
Almost every day i did it. I was sleeping late to work on my assignments, or just watching tv. Does it also affect the diet?

"Of course. We need time to sleep about 7-8 hours a day. Remember! sleep is a moment when the body repair damaged body cells. If we lack of sleep, the body's cells won't be repaired perfectly. So don't expect your body will be more dense, because your muscles are not repaired perfectly."

Are you also doing physical exercise?
That's the problem. It is very difficult to motivate myself to exercise regularly.

"I'm glad you've thought that exercise must be done. Exercise is the most effective way to burn fat naturally. Don't ever expect an instant result, as it will also go quickly. The combination of weight training and cardio is the best way to lose weight, rather than by taking slimming drugs. I have proved that the natural way gives better results. Now your homework is to make your workout schedule. At least 3 times a week, each for approximately 1 hour."

That's a little interview with my friend who is undergoing a diet program, but she have failed. At least that's the common problems that often make people fail to execute their diet program. So for those of you who are running the diet program, try to also answer my questions above. :)


  1. I'm doing well. I exercise and watch what kind of foods I eat. I'm not always successful, but for the most part I'm good. You can eat lots of food each day, but you must make wise choices. Less carbs and protein and lots for fruits and veggies. It's not that hard really. Excellent advice.

    Have a fabulous and healthy day my grandson. ☺

  2. Have you quit blogging? I hope all is well.

    Happy Valentines day my grandson. ☺

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  4. Well, I've heard nothing from you my grandson. I hope all is well and you're just taking a break. ☺

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  6. Did you quit blogging? Are you okay? I worry about you. :(

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